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A movie stamping community

Hello and welcome to cinemastamps!

This is a stamping community for, well, movies. "Exactly what movies?" you might ask. Well, all movies. We know, there are a ton. That's precisely why we don't have a regular app or a main stamp. Instead, we'll just have lots of themes! Grab an app and take part in one of 'em right now :)

A p p l i c a t i o n ;
(already in HTML mode, has a lj-cut made for you)

THIS IS THE APPLICATION YOU WILL USE FOR ALL THE THEMES (unless stated otherwise in the theme post) :)

R u l e s ;

♥ Be nice. Don't insult other members.
♥ Only mods can stamp you. Also, if you're confused about something, feel free to contact a mod and ask questions!
♥ Join the comm to be able to post. You don't have to be stamped in order to vote, so vote vote vote :)
♥ When voting, please BOLD your votes! (To do so, just put <*b> your vote <*/b> but remove the stars)
♥ Please put your application under a lj-cut. (Don't know how to? Here's the Livejournal FAQ)
♥ Please vote ALL unstamped applications before submitting your own and link back to them in your app / check the box 'I voted on all'.
♥ You can have TWO theme application out at a time! :)
♥ There is no regular stamp, so just put which theme you're applying for in your subject line.
♥ You can ask for both a male and a female stamp if it's a bigger theme with more options than usual (like the Harry Potter theme for example). If it's a normal theme with only 6 to 10 options, I'm afraid you can't ask for both genders as there is a limited amount of female and male characters.
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